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Gift your home a soul with unique works of art

What Is behind Farug?


2000 years of tradition

Our rugs are handmade by the best and most experienced weavers, located in the mountains of Zagros.

Zagros quality natural materials

You will enjoy an article weaved with the greatest quality local produced textiles and 100% natural dyes.


Each weaver is a storyteller

The unique motifs in our carpets will not simply make you possess a piece of art, you will also be able to read the incredible story that its weaver intends to tell the world.

Why to choose Farug?

Go into the astonishing mountains of Zagros looking for the best art pieces.

Discover the origins and the story that its weaver intends to tell the world.

We guarantee a reliable service through our certificates and secure payment methods.

We will guide you along the lifetime of your masterpiece thanks to our experts in cleaning and maintenance.

Our masterpieces

Sarv rug

Bakhtiari, Keshti Rug

Samovar Rug

Bakhtiari, Keshti Rug